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We specialize in the creation of high quality red light therapy products tailored to meet your specific needs. Our diverse range of offerings includes: Red Light Therapy Panel, Portable Red Light Therapy, Wearable Red Light Therapy, Red Light Therapy Pad, Beauty LED Light Therapy, Commercial Red Light Therapy, Red Light Therapy Stand

Frequently Asked Question

we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service, and innovative red light therapy solutions to bring your ideas to life.

We offer several logo application methods:
Silk Screen: Ideal for logos with 1-2 colors.
UV Printing: Perfect for printing gradient colors.
Laser Engraving: Supports only the color of the original material, resulting in a single-color logo.

You can customize a wide range of wavelengths for your red light therapy device to suit your specific needs. Available wavelengths include:

415nm (Violet Light): Effective for treating acne and skin infections by killing bacteria and reducing inflammation.
450nm (Blue Light): Helps with acne, bacteria reduction, and can also enhance mood and energy levels.
480nm (Blue Light): Known for mood enhancement and boosting energy.
590nm (Yellow Light): Promotes collagen production, improves skin elasticity, and helps with skin rejuvenation and reducing redness.
630nm (Red Light): Effective for skin rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles, and promoting anti-aging effects.
660nm (Red Light): Penetrates deeper into the skin for enhanced healing, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation.
670nm (Red Light): Assists in deeper tissue repair, regeneration, and can help with more severe skin issues.
810nm (Near Infrared Light): Enhances muscle recovery, reduces pain and inflammation, and promotes deep tissue healing.
830nm (Near Infrared Light): Offers deep tissue penetration for effective pain relief and accelerated healing.
850nm (Near Infrared Light): Ideal for muscle recovery, pain relief, and reducing inflammation with even deeper penetration.
910nm (Near Infrared Light): Used for deep tissue repair and regeneration, beneficial for more severe injuries.
930nm (Near Infrared Light): Effective for deep muscle relaxation, recovery, and reducing chronic pain.
940nm (Near Infrared Light): Provides deep penetration for advanced healing and tissue repair.
1060nm (Near Infrared Light): Helps with body contouring, fat reduction, and can assist in treating stubborn fat areas.
1070nm (Near Infrared Light): Used for advanced medical treatments, offering deep tissue therapy and enhanced healing.

If you have specific wavelength requirements beyond these, our team can collaborate with you to provide the exact wavelengths needed for your custom device. This allows for a tailored approach to meet your unique therapeutic or cosmetic goals.

Yes, we can customize the number of LED chips in your red light therapy device. Here are the options:
Single Chip LEDs
Dual Chip LEDs
Triple Chip LEDs
Quad Chip LEDs

Our team can help you choose the best configuration based on your specific needs and therapeutic goals, ensuring your custom device delivers optimal results.

Yes, all our red light therapy devices come with a warranty to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. The warranty period is 3 years for red light therapy panels, and 1 year for other products.

Yes, we provide international shipping to various countries. Please contact our customer service for more details on international orders.

Placing an order for our red light therapy devices is simple and convenient.
a) Send your order request to [email protected]. Please include the product name, quantity, and your contact information. We’ll respond promptly to confirm your order and provide payment instructions.
b) For personalized or bulk orders, please contact our sales team directly to discuss your specific requirements.
c) Our team will process your order quickly and provide shipping information once your device is on its way.
d) For any additional questions about the ordering process, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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