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Professional Light Therapy Devices Manufacturer

Lightus offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing design, research, development, production light therapy devices and unparalleled customer support. Founded in 2010, our facility has expanded rapidly to be recognized as one of the leading red light therapy device manufacturers in China.

Our core mission is centered around producing state-of-the-art red light therapy devices that serve a myriad of applications across health, wellness, beauty, and therapeutic industries. We have extensive experience in the industry and certifications from esteemed institutions like FDA and SGS, ISO.

At Lightus Light Therapy, we know that successful business depends on our satisfied customers. We promise to give top-notch quality and service to build long-term relationships with our clients. We aim to provide quick, affordable, and dependable production options that fit our customers’ needs. Every order matters to us, and every customer is important, no matter how big or small the order. We look forward to the opportunity to build a long-term business relationship with you!

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Our Certification

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