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STEP 1: Click Here contact us to get our catalog and select the items you’d like to list on your sales platforms. We provide you with free images and videos for these products.

STEP 2: Sell the items on your sales platforms. We provide you with free images and videos for these products. 

STEP 3: We ship your sold products directly to your customers with fast shipment. Once shipped, you’ll get a tracking number for the package. Enjoy and relax.

Lightus offers light therapy dropshipping service for global sellers who don't want to deal with stocking or shipping. Just focus on promoting your business and getting customer orders. Once you do, Lightus handles everything else, from storing products to shipping them straight to your buyers. There is not minimum order requirement for Lightus dropship.

Sell light therapy products through your sales channels. Your website, Shopify store, other e-commerce website, Instagram, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon marketplaces wherever you can.

Processing Duration
Total Delivery Time = Order Processing Time + Shipping Time

Typically, we take 1-2 working days to process your order. Keep in mind this doesn’t count weekends or holidays.

We have received and fulfilled orders from over 120 countries across all the different continents.

Shipping Time
Normally Standard Shipping takes about 4-8 working days.

Note: Due to varying customs processing speeds in different countries, as well as unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, your package might face some delays. We kindly ask for your patience in such cases. Thanks for understanding!

Packaging Details
The merchandise we send out doesn’t have any of our company’s information on it. There’s no reference to our company on the packaging label. Your order will be shipped discreetly, without any mention of our company.

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