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Lightus, is your trusted business partner for top-quality red light therapy equipment. Based in China, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and innovation, offering solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of clients, who prioritize quality and convenience in the health and wellness industry. Quality is the cornerstone of our products. We understand that for clients, quality is non-negotiable. Our red light therapy devices are meticulously crafted to provide effective and reliable results. Whether you run a beauty salon, spa, fitness center, gym, physical therapy center, clinic, sauna center, or any business in the health and wellness sector, you can count on us to deliver red light therapy machines that meet your exacting standards. 

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What We Do

Our Products

Red Light Therapy Panel

● Aluminum alloy body
● Touch keypad and remote control with screen interface
● 4 smart preset modes
● Dual chip medical grade LEDs
● Adjustable brightness, pulse, timer, and photon modes

Portable Red Light Therapy

● Rechargeable
● Targeted treatment
● Handheld comfort
● On-the-go therapy
● Instant on/off

Wearable Red Light Therapy

● Flexibility
● Portability
● Durability
● Ease of use
● Adjustable intensity

Beauty LED Light Therapy

● Lightweight
● Multiple photon modes
● UV-free
● Ease of use
● Safe for all skin types


Our Services

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Customize Brand

Your brand identity becomes an integral part of the user experience, reinforcing your brand at every touch.

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Customize Wavelengths

We offer an extensive range of wavelengths. Whether it’s skin health, muscle recovery, or any other therapeutic need, we have the exact wavelength tailored for you.

custom LED chips red light therapy
Customize LEDs

Personalized Configurations: Choose between single, dual, or triple-chip LEDs to suit your equipment specifications.

custom product color red light therapy
Customize Color

A color that resonates with your brand, your red led light therapy devices can seamlessly align with your brand’s colors, offering a professional and consistent appearance to your clientele.

custom packaging red light therapy
Customize Packaging

Every detail counts. We understand that the presentation and user experience go hand-in-hand with the efficacy of the product itself. It’s not just about what’s inside the box but how it’s presented.

custom controller red light therapy
Customize Controller

Redefining user interface to tailor your device’s controller. Our controllers aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but are ergonomically designed to ensure ease of use.

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How LED Light Therapy Benefit Your Skin, Body and Brain


+Dilates blood vessels for increased flow
+Protects red blood cells and platelets


+Soothes sore muscles, joint pain, and arthritis
+Eases symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases, spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries


+Increases testosterone production
+May stimulate the brain’s pineal gland


+Eases joint stiffness and soreness
+Diminishes inflammation
+Reduces muscle spasms and increases blood flow

red light therapy benefits


+Stimulates stem cells in the hair follicle to encourage active growth


+Generates production of collagen
+Increased tissue repair
+Reduction in appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars


+Accelerates muscle repair
+Stimulates mitochondria and stem cells for faster recovery


+Stimulates collagen production
+Strengthens hair and improves skin elasticity
+Promotes connective tissue health

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Which Businesses Can Use Red Light Therapy?

Use red light therapy to provide added value to your clients, focusing on health, wellness, and beauty benefits.

fitness centers red light therapy

Fitness Centers & Gyms

Fitness facilities offer red light therapy as a service to help with muscle recovery and enhance overall wellness.

beauty spa red light therapy

Beauty Salons & Spa

Offer anti-aging treatments, improve skin complexion and promote relaxation.

physical therapy red light therapy

Physical Therapists

Reduce inflammation and pain, aiding in the recovery process for injuries.

dentists red light therapy


Pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Speed up healing following dental procedures and alleviate myofascial pain related to temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

complementary and alternative medicine red light therapy

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners

Naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Ayurvedic practitioners, massage therapists, and yoga teachers, can enhance their services with red light therapy. This therapy aids in pain management, reduces inflammation, and promotes overall wellness.

chiropractors red light therapy


Benefits as a natural vasodilator that relaxes the muscles within blood vessels, enhancing circulation. Effective in reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process for musculoskeletal pain, including conditions such as low back pain, shoulder impingement syndrome, neck pain, joint pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

weight loss red light therapy

Weight Loss Clinics

Enhance metabolism and support fat reduction, aiding in weight management. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) helps balance thyroid function, which can facilitate weight loss. Red light therapy also reduces fat cells by creating microscopic pores in adipose cells, releasing lipids.

animal red light therapy

Veterinarians/Animal Naturopaths

Enhance the treatment of various conditions in animals. Beneficial for reducing inflammation, accelerating healing, and managing pain in pets and livestock. It is particularly useful for treating injuries, surgical recovery, and chronic conditions such as arthritis in animals.

Hot Selling Red Light Therapy Products

Clients Testimonial

After years of growth, we’ve established long-term partnerships with various brands. Our existing clients have consistently given us positive reviews.

Lightus light therapy products consistently receive rave reviews from our customers, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Quality, durability, and effectiveness.
Pamela Greenberg
Pamela Greenberg
We were impressed by their expertise. Their light therapy devices showcase their dedication to quality. Happy to work with a manufacturer that values both quality and innovation.
Mark Gabriel
Mark Gabriel
Lightus red light therapy products are not only top-tier in terms of quality but also come backed with an incredible team of experts ready to assist at any time. A delightful partnership all around!
Shawna McKinley
Shawna McKinley

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