OEM ODM Dual Chip 324 LEDs No Flicker Red Light Therapy for Pain

Cutting-Edge Dual Chip LEDs: 324pcs LEDs dual chip high irradiance red light therapy panel.

User-Friendly with Smart Features: Experience ease and convenience with our therapy panels. Equipped with a user-friendly LCD touch keypad, remote control, adjustable settings, and multiple modes, our panels offer a seamless and customizable treatment experience.

Robust Build and Safety Oriented: Our panels, encased in a durable aluminum alloy and covered with tempered glass, offer longevity and safety. Powered by a reliable Meanwell power supply, you are assured of a product that lasts.

Customizable Treatment Options: Adapt your therapy to meet specific needs. With options to select LED chip types, lens angles, and a range of therapeutic wavelengths, our panels are versatile. The modular design allows for easy linking of multiple units, enhancing the therapy area and potency.

Personalization and Low Minimum Order: Make the product truly yours with extensive customization options. From unique casing colors to your logo on the device and packaging, we provide a tailored branding experience. With our low minimum order quantity, it’s easier to start integrating our red light therapy devices into your business.

Product Specifications

LED Quantity
324 x 5w (Single Chip / Dual Chips)
660nm : 850nm = 1 : 1 (Or Customize)
Photon Mode
Red / NIR / Red + NIR
1 - 30 mins
10% -100% Brightness Adjustable
Remote Controller
Product Size
85 x 36.5 x 6cm (33.4" x 14.3" x 2.3")
28LBS (12.7KG)
100,000 Hours
3 Years


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