633nm 660nm 850nm 940nm Commercial Full Body LED Infrared Red Light Therapy Bed

Multi-Wavelength Efficiency: Our red light therapy bed combines 633nm, 660nm, 850nm, and 940nm wavelengths, targeting various depths of tissue for comprehensive therapy. This spectrum addresses skin rejuvenation, muscle recovery, and deeper tissue healing.

Full Body Coverage: Designed for full-body exposure, the whole body red light therapy bed ensures uniform distribution of light, providing holistic benefits. It’s ideal for spas, clinics, and fitness centers or an individual seeking the best in red light therapy, aiming to offer complete wellness solutions. We are here to provide you with top-tier red light therapy products and services.

High-Intensity LEDs: Equipped with high-intensity LEDs, the bed delivers powerful yet safe irradiance, ensuring effective and efficient therapy sessions. Maximizes therapeutic outcomes in shorter session durations.

User-Friendly Interface: The infrared red light therapy bed features a LCD touch screen intuitive interface, allowing easy customization of therapy sessions. Clients can adjust settings to their comfort, making it suitable for various user preferences and needs.

Durable and Low Maintenance: Built with durability in mind, our light therapy bed is designed for commercial use, ensuring longevity and reliability. Its low-maintenance design makes it a practical choice for busy commercial settings.

Elevate your business with our versatile and effective Red Light Therapy Bed – a blend of innovation and practicality.

Product Specifications

LED Quantity
633nm : 660nm : 850nm : 940nm = 1 : 1 (Or Customize)
Photon Mode
Red / NIR / Red + NIR
1 - 30 mins
1 -10000Hz Adjustable
Weight Capacity
330LBS (150KG)
Bluetooth Speaker
Power Requirements
30 AMP
Product Size
192 x 95 x 88cm (75.6" x 37.4" x 34.6")
242LBS (110KG)
100,000 Hours
3 Years

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