660nm 850nm LED NIR Red Light Therapy Belt with Vibration

RESTORE YOUR VITAL & VIBRANT SELF THROUGH INFRARED RED LIGHT TREATMENT: Break free from discomfort, aging & physical setbacks in just three weeks using red light therapy at your own home! No need for pricey spa visits.

FOUR DISTINCT RED LIGHT THERAPY SETTINGS: Refresh your skin with red light, mend deep tissue & muscles with near infrared, or blend both for optimal results! Opt for a rhythmic pulse mode for an added advantage!

RELAXING VIBRATORY FEATURE: Experience the intensified outcome of synchronised vibration & red light treatment. It boosts blood flow & augments the impact of the red and near-infrared light.

ERGONOMIC, HANDS-OFF STYLE: Enjoy the therapeutic perks of both visible red light & unseen infrared even when lounging, reclining, or on the move. Achieving wellness has never been so effortless!

PORTABLE INFRARED TREATMENT FOR EVERYDAY: Conveniently connect the red light therapy belt with its remote anytime anywhere. It’s sleek & lightweight, making it perfect for your handbag.

Product Specifications

Vib Belt-105
LED Quantity
105pcs x Triple Chips
660nm & 850nm (Or Customize)
Photon Mode
Red / NIR / Red + NIR
5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 mins
L0 / L1/ L2 / L3 / L4
5 Levels
Product Size
126 x 18cm (49.6 x 7in)
1.32LBS (0.6KG)
> 50,000 Hours
1 Year
red light therapy belt benefits

Lightus red light therapy belt wrap gadget features a Triple Chip Medical LED Diode boasting Dual-Spectrum Technology. It releases both 660nm red light and 850nm near-infrared light (invisible to the eye) to penetrate your body’s deeper tissues.

Unlike other devices that merely address superficial skin layers, our deep therapeutic red light provides cellular-level pain alleviation and targets the root causes of discomfort.

For optimum healing, apply directly to the skin.
Simple to clean.
Suitable for both family members and pets.
Promotes wound recovery.
Ideal for post-sport rejuvenation.

Benefits of Deep Healing Red Light Therapy

Increases Cellular Energy
Supercharge cell energy, facilitating quicker inherent healing and bolstering cellular metabolic rates.

Tissue Repair
Establishes the best setting for tissue rejuvenation by curbing oxidative tension and decreasing pro-inflammatory agents.

Reduced Inflammation
Studies indicate that profound healing treatments possess properties that counter inflammation, aiding in the mitigation of pain, stiffness, and edema.

Increased Blood Circulation
Amplifying microcirculation ensures a richer delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to injured tissues, thereby expediting the inherent healing mechanism.

Quicker Wound Sealing
The therapy with red light stimulates cell renewal and bolsters the rapid phase of the healing process, ensuring wounds seal faster and diminishing chances of infection or other issues.

Minimization of Scar Formation
The formation of scars is often an issue during tissue repair. This red light treatment aids in curbing scar development by encouraging the synthesis of type I collagen, pivotal for robust and orderly tissue mending.

Pain Relief
Pain, whether chronic or sudden, is frequently tied to injuries. The therapeutic effects of red light include pain-reducing properties, granting relief and ease throughout the recuperation phase.


Our red light & vibration therapy belt reduces muscle, joint, and chronic pain.


Relax and feel the pain & inflammation relief of the combined action of light and vibration.


Enjoy the healing effect of led therapy combined with vibration anytime, anywhere: at home or on the go.

infrared red light therapy belt

What's in the box?

1 x Vibration red light therapy belt
1 x Controller
1 x Adapter with power cord
1 x USB cord

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